Frequently Asked Questions


This is a treatment?

Yes, the protocol gets you healthy and stabilizes each patient with a 12 month post-weight objective plan.

What about exercise?

We love healthy habits. If you currently have an exercise routine we will talk with you about what you are doing and together we will make acceptable modifications. If you do not currently have a fitness routine, now is not the time to start. We will talk about physical activity when the time is right in your journey. 

Can I drink coffee?

Yes! 8 ounces daily of caffeinated caffeinated coffee is allowed.  If you consume over this it has to be off-set with the same amount of water. 

Can I drink soda?

No. The ingredients in soda are counter productive to your health and wellness goals. If you chose to indulge in soda in the future, do so in moderation. 

Can I drink alcohol?

While on the Ideal Protein protocol alcohol is strictly forbidden.